With an experience of a few decades today we may call ourselves as a specialist in the field of multi spindle drilling-/ tapping technology.

At the start in the year 1952 it was predominantly the local watch and clock industry and their sub-contractors who made use of our multi-spindle heads and other equipment components.

Today you will come across JAUCH drilling heads in all parts of the world, where they are used by
  • Foundries
  • Automotive manufacturers
  • Suppliers of automotive manufacturers
  • Contract workers
  • Manufacturers of door and window handles
  • Electronic industries
  • Suppliers of machine tools
  • Suppliers of electric and pneumatic driven tools
  • Suppliers of fittings
In the year 1994 we extended our standard program of multi spindle heads with the complete acquisition of all rights to manufacture and distribute the well-known multi-spindle range of Bernhard Steinel Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik, Germany. Today these machine types are manufactured by us and we also supply all spares for more than 15000 multi spindle machines make STEINEL.
Since the beginning of the year 2002 our company is further the exclusive supplier of all multi spindle products and spare parts thereof make RUSS-Maschinen (Germany).

By strictly adhering to our resolution to manufacture only to the highest standards, we are establishing a partnership with our customers. Our flat hierarchical structure offers our highly skilled workforce the ideal environment for flexibility, quality awareness and willingness to accept responsibility. This is reflected in reliable products, which prove themselves in continuous use over many years. And that is what we consider a good basis for long-term co-operation with our customers